Growing up in the countryside in Austria I love to be outside and will always enjoy to be remote for some time, but I will never be able to pick cherries without thinking about low hanging fruits as a way to categorise usability problems. It always drags me back to the city, where the most interaction with diverse people is possible. I don’t like to waffle around and I certainly don’t like to brag. Like Chris Hadfield explains it in his book ‘an astronaut’s guide to life on earth’ I rather aim to be a zero so I eventually can become a plus one someday.


  • Graduated from Kingston University
  • Languages

  • German (mother tongue), English (fluent speaker), Spanish (elementary)
  • Coding (HTML & CSS, basic PHP and Javascript)
  • Tools I like to use

  • Balsamiq, Axure, Justinmind
  • Morae and Tobii Studio
  • Gimp, Adobe Creative Suite
  • Trello, Google Drive, Pinterest
  • Things I like to do

  • Work in an agile project environment
  • Organize my tasks
  • Motivate myself
  • Work collaboratively
  • Balance my daily routine
  • Capture great moments

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A Few Examples

Over the years I had the opportunity to work on great projects. Below is a chronologically ordered list of the most exciting ones. I am looking forward to carry on working with great people within the field.

VoD Netflix compared to Amazon Prime - A Tobii eye tracking study

September, 2015

It was aimed to compare the services and to determine their current user experience. The evaluation focused on their unique features the 'My List' and 'Watchlist' functionality. The standard metrics of the Common Industry Format (CIF) was slightly modified to the special needs of the project. I used the Tobii eye tracker to support the user while doing the retrospective thinking aloud (RTA) method to make it possible for them to explain their approach.

Used Tools: Tobii studio, Editor (HTML&CSS);

Netflix prototype
The results of the evaluation were documented in the Evaluation Report and used to make recommendations for a redesign of the 'My List' functionality of Netflix.

Those design suggestions were implemented in an HTML prototype. To elaborate the thoughts behind the redesign a Design Rationale was created.

Self-driving cars - Trust Driven Design (TDD)

September, 2015

Our group got allocated to a really novel topic of self-driving cars. We worked with augmented reality to get feedback on our design for the autonomous car and found a way to test our hypothesis on how information can influence trust in technology. Our video gives a good overview about the project process.

Used Tools: Trello, Wordpress, Google Drive, Skype, Pinterest;

driverless car test setting

Job platform for translators in cooperation with LingoHub

September, 2015

For my Master Thesis I specialized in software translation and developed a work platform, which supports translators to connect and manage their translation jobs. I followed an iterative user centered design process and worked remote for the company. Within the scope of the project, among other things, a Design Template has been developed. More deliverables of the project can be accessed through my final project presentation.

Used Tools: Trello, Google Drive, Skype, Editor (HTML&CSS), Axure;

workplatform for translators
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Stakeholder interview
  • User Research
  • Concept Development
  • Prototyping
  • User Testing

Contextual Inquiry applied to group shopping

January, 2015

The main objective of the project was to use contextual inquiry in an informal context and prove its usefulness for system development.
Due to limitation of the project an iterative approach to the Contextual Design Process was chosen:

  • Research: Contextual interviews were planned, conducted and the data prepared for further evaluation
  • Analysis: Insights were summarised and an Affinity Diagram created
  • Development: Based on the gained knowledge wireframes were developed.
Used Tools: Trello, Editor (HTML&CSS), Photoshop, UX-Pin;

Contextual inquiry

The method exposed to fit in this informal environment. Useful data could be gained and were successfully converted into first wireframes. The whole case study can be accessed through the website: Contextual Design. The website was also used to explain the wireframes and show the connections to the insights from the research in more detail.

Gift it - Responsive web application

January, 2015

The objective of this project is to develop a system that supports users with the organization of giving gifts. I was following a user centered design approach to make it more likely to create a valuable product. The methods were picked to suit the projects needs.

Used Tools: Trello, Justinmind;

web application responsive
  • User research
  • Competitor review
  • Task analysis
  • Low-fidelity prototyping
  • User testing
  • High-fidelity prototype

After testing the paper prototype an overall positive response for the design concept was gained. First insights could be implemented in an interactive prototype. Further tests will provide more valuable feedback about the actual interaction with the application on the device. The prototype can be accessed here: Gift it A comprehensive description to use the prototype can be accessed by using the comment mode of the prototyping tool.

Used Tools: Pen & Paper, Skype, Justinmind;

Userlutions - Website redesign

March to August, 2013

My major task during my Internship at Userlutions in Berlin was the redesign of their Company's Website: Userlutions. I had the main responsibility for the project and were fortunate enough to get support from all members of the team.

Used Tools: Trello, CMS Wordpress, GIMP;

responsive website
  • User research
  • Competitor review
  • Card sorting
  • Task analysis
  • Content management
  • Color concept
  • Team feedback

June, 2013

As a marketing intern at Userlutions I also had the opportunity to create online advertisements for their products and enhance their blog and maintain social media channels.

Used Tools: GIMP;

banner userlutions
  • Post and comment on relevant articles on social media platforms and blogs
  • Improve the appearance of their blog
  • Create catchy banner and roll ups for their stand on fairs or online

Remote Mobile Tests

April, 2013

At Userlutions I also worked on their remote mobile usability tests. I was part of the process from the first steps until to the launch phase.

Used Tools: Trello, Android Screen mirror software, iCloud;

remote mobile usability test setting
  • Research for suitable mirroring tools
  • Mobile lab tests
  • Mobile tester acquisition
  • Beta testing phase with mobile users
  • Remote mobile tester support
  • Redesigning the remote testing platform

Happy Cloud - Music Application

September to January, 2011/12

This group project was performed in cooperation with the startup Spectral Mind in Vienna and the Fachhochschule St. Pölten. The aim of this project was to develop a concept for a social music application and to create first wireframes. With this application all guests should be able to influence the music played at the event.

Used Tools: Google drive, Dropbox, Adobe Photoshop;

music application
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Brainstorming new concepts
  • User research (online survey)
  • Add Gamification Elements
  • Iterating the concept
  • Create High Fidelity Wireframes

Mobile Application - PutYourFaceOn

September to January, 2011/12

The aim of the course was to apply first development skills in javascript, html and css to create our own application for smartphones. Together with my colleague I designed and implemented the mobile web application 'PutYourFaceOn' where users can drag and drop different parts of the face onto various shaped faces.

Used Tools: Editor (HTML&CSS, Javascript), Adobe Photoshop;

web application
  • Brainstorming
  • Create project brief and concept
  • Content creation
  • Navigation design
  • Programming

JoinVision - Graphic Design

June, 2012

Product design

JoinVision operates a job platform focusing on ads in IT and technology. They also produce HR software for companies to facilitate the recruitment process. I visualized these products for their website and promoting purposes.

Used Tool: Adobe Photoshop;

CD Booklet - Print Design

September to January, 2010/11

Print design

This course allowed us students to create various print graphics. As an example I choose the booklet, because it was my favorite project during the year. I enjoyed playing with the typography as well as various graphics and connect them to an harmonious look and feel.

Used Tool: Adobe InDesign;

Interactive Installation

January to June, 2011

Adurino board installation

Together with my colleague we created an interactive installation called 'The mirror'. The leds on the board give feedback to the user while standing in front of the webcam. With processing we were able to define different filters for the webcam, so that the user feels like in a mirror cabinet.

Used Tools: Arduino and Processing;

Interactive Panorama

September to January, 2011/12

This coursework was an individual project. The task was to create a virtual tour with three interactive hotspots in it. All photographs were taken by myself and merged together using Hugin. Pano2VR was used to create the hotspots and to connect the panoramas.

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  • City Library
  • Karlsplatz
  • Museumsquartier
  • Westbahnhof

Used Software: Hugin and Pano2VR

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